Fox News Gives A Suspicious Amount Of Reporting Time To Biden Dental

Journalism has been the focal point of criticism for many on the left and right, particularly about what is covered. While journalism is not free of inherent bias, according to one conservative editor, it is okay to focus on certain issues of importance over others as long as one is honest about their angle. But corporate media has had a rough time doing this. 

Most recently, Fox News has garnered the criticism of conservatives. Although much of that criticism stemmed from its dismissal of Tucker Carlson, the right’s most-watched news anchor and commentator, Fox is experiencing pushback over its latest segment on President Biden’s root canal surgery. On Carlson’s former time slot, Brian Kilmeade spent too much time on Biden’s tooth, according to National File.

Kilmeade and Fox News host Jimmy Failla awkwardly laughed and joked about Biden’s teeth being real. They noted that technically while Biden was under anesthesia Vice President Kamala Harris was the president. Failla then joked that when the tooth fairy comes to the White House it will leave Ukrainian money under the pillow. 

National File did not find the matter funny, and the author claimed that the segment highlighted the disproportionate news coverage of trivial matters. A list of issues that she listed as vital to cover includes LGBTQ child grooming, election integrity, and the political persecutions of January 6 protestors. 

Tucker Carlson was a behemoth news anchor and enjoyed more than three million viewers tuning in per show, according to American Pigeon. Since letting him go, the network’s ratings have struggled to retain his audience. Fox News is now looking to potentially sue Carlson after he began to air 10-minute episodes on Twitter. The network is arguing that he is in breach of his contract, which expires in 2025.