Fox News Roasts Kamala Harris: “She’s Not Sober”

( Tucker Carlson criticized Vice President Kamala Harris for some comments she made at a White House event earlier in the day.

According to the report, Robert Behnken and Douglas Hurley, two former NASA astronauts, received the Congressional Space Medal of Honor from Harris.

Carlson cited a left-leaning article claiming that some Democrat Party insiders are unsure of Harris’ suitability to serve as president. Joe Biden seems prepared to seek reelection. Given his advanced age, some wonder if he should be on the ticket in 2024.

President Joe Biden would be 86 at the end of his second term.

The Fox News host asserted that Kamala Harris couldn’t succeed Biden.  She can, however, continue to hang out and keep us entertained.

Tucker Carlson played a clip of Harris’ speech and focused on how she described the astronauts’ journey to the launch pad.

But Carlson wasn’t the only one who noticed Harris’ speech.

In a tweet that included a link to the speech’s video, Townhall wrote that only Kamala Harris could make a description of an astronaut’s launch seem patronizing.

According to Harris, Bob and Doug went to the Kennedy Space Center, dressed in their space suits, and waved to their families as they ascended nearly 20 stories in an elevator.

Harris made motions with her arms as though she were addressing a group of children who were four years old.

Reports show Harris has a history of slipping into bizarre, simplistic explanations of space.

Early in her Vice Presidency, Harris was exposed for using child actors to pose as ‘child astronauts.’

The incident is nearly identical to the latest video that her office released.

On his show, Carlson asked the audience to imagine that their most inept and obnoxious kindergarten teacher consumed a lot of acid before taking office.  “She’s not sober,” he claimed.

Reports show Tucker Carlson endorsed Harris as the 2024 Democrat Party’s presidential candidate last year.

He joked that mediocrity is apparently not a  justification for firing someone nowadays. Neither is a low I.Q., a terrible personality, and a complete inability to perform the required duties.