George Santos Staffer Opens Up About Being Santos’ Press Secretary

( Gabrielle Lipsky, Congressman George Santos’ press secretary, recently discussed what it was like to be the public face of a congressman embroiled in several ethics scandals.

In an interview with Insider’s Joshua Zitser published on Monday, Lipsky described the level of animus directed at the congressman’s office from angry constituents calling to demand Santos resign.

The 24-year-old press secretary, who also serves as office manager, said she fields calls from constituents who curse at her and make threats. She said she is frequently asked how she could work for someone like George Santos.

When asked how she responds, Lipsky said her primary job is to serve the people living in New York’s 3rd District. She said Santos has to be able to do his job and that requires having people to help him.

“Someone’s got to do it,” she told Zitser.

She admitted to Zitser that she is aware of the looks she and the rest of the staff get on Capitol Hill, acknowledging that she is aware that people view the congressman’s staff as “radioactive.”

Lipsky, who also served as press secretary for the Santos campaign, has faced allegations that she only got the job because her parents were big-money donors to Santos’ campaign.

During an interview on Fox 5 New York on Thursday, the embattled congressman Santos played the victim, describing the investigation into his finances as an “enormous inquisition.”

During the interview, reporter Jodi Goldberg pressed Santos about the $705,000 loan he made to his campaign as well as other probes into his campaign expenses and reporting.

When asked about failing to provide details for over $365,000 in campaign expenses in his FEC filing, Santos denied knowing anything about it, telling Goldberg, “That’s news to me.”

He said he didn’t understand why there has been an “enormous inquisition” into his “business practices,” claiming he “operated honestly.”