Geraldo Rivera Says He Was “Cancelled” This Week

Geraldo Rivera, often a panel guest on The Five, tweeted Thursday morning that he had been “canceled” from this week’s Fox network’s most popular program. 

He sarcastically added that he was sure there was a good reason.

Rivera’s co-host on the popular roundtable program, Greg Gutfeld, supposedly canceled his appearances after Rivera attacked Tucker Carlson. Rivera once called him an “insulting punk” and threatened to kick him “in the ass.”

Fox News insiders said Gutfeld, with whom the canceled Juan Williams frequently sparred on air, was also to blame for Williams’ firing. Gutfeld is the show’s star, and it’s probably not wise to try and ridicule him on air.

Tweets from Rivera stated that his appearances “today and tomorrow on The Five have been canceled.” He assured that he would return the following week and urged the readers to “stay safe,” whatever that oft-refrained cringe expression meant.

Rivera is one of three “liberal” co-hosts that take turns on the late-afternoon panel discussion show, along with Jessica Tarlov and former senator Harold Ford Jr. 

The three were selected to replace Juan Williams, a left-wing member of The Five panel for many years. 

Gutfeld and Rivera got into a dispute about electric automobiles a few weeks ago. Gutfeld accused Rivera of being out of touch with the Five’s audience when he blithely remarked that he was getting the new Bentley electric vehicle. The car goes for about $500,000.

Rivera, who last appeared on the show on April 21st, has also been the subject of online mockery from Gutfeld. A few days after Carlson was fired from Fox News, his former colleague, Geraldo Rivera, took a final swing at him.

Gutfeld didn’t seem to appreciate Rivera stomping on what amounted to Tucker Carlson’s grave. 

People not buying into the whispers that Geraldo is on the chopping block have noted that Rivera was never scheduled to appear on the show and that Tarlov and Ford were always meant to take turns in the “liberal” chair this week.

That very well may be, but it’s no secret that Gutfeld does not like Rivera. Not many do.