GOP Seeks To Expunge 6 Woke Policies From Veterans Affairs

On Thursday, the Republican-controlled House passed the first of twelve FY2024 appropriations bills that must be enacted before September 30 to avoid a government shutdown, Reuters reported.

In a 219 to 211 vote, the House approved the $155.7 billion military construction and veterans affairs bill, forwarding it to the Senate, which already has its version of the spending measure.

The House bill includes amendments aimed at dismantling the Biden administration’s radical “woke” agenda which the White House has already vowed to veto and the Democrat-controlled Senate is unlikely to keep in place.

One amendment, proposed by Georgia Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene would bar the VA from using taxpayer funding for transgender procedures, according to Fox News.

Colorado Rep. Lauren Boebert proposed an amendment to block a VA program on gender diversity.

An amendment submitted by Montana Rep. Matt Rosendale would block the VA from funding drag or LGBT-themed performances and events.

Texas Rep. Ronny Jackson submitted an amendment preventing the VA from creating an ESG advisory panel.

Tennessee Rep. Andy Ogles proposed an amendment eliminating exceptions for federal abortion funding.

Finally, Texas Rep. Chip Roy and Florida Rep. Kat Cammack proposed an amendment blocking all federal spending in the bill from being used to advance President Biden’s climate change agenda, including blocking the president’s plan to replace the VA’s 22,000 vehicles with electric vehicles.

But with the Senate spending bill significantly different from the House, it is unlikely any of the proposed amendments will make it into the final bill since both chambers must pass an identical appropriations bill before it goes to the president.

Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer and Speaker Kevin McCarthy met on Thursday to discuss comprises in the legislation. McCarthy told reporters that both he and the Majority Leader are committed to passing the appropriations bill before September 30.