GOP Wants Suspect Deported If This Crime Happens

House Republicans have introduced a bill that requires illegal immigrants to be deported if they assault a police officer, according to Washington Free Beacon. The legislation comes as illegal immigration continues to surge as a result of the open-border policies of the Biden administration. The influx of illegal immigrants, which began shortly after the November 2020 election, has also caused an increase in violence. 

In one incident, a female border patrol agent was reportedly assaulted by an illegal immigrant as she was making an arrest. The suspect injured the agent’s arms and face, but she was able to hold him off until backup arrived. She was subsequently taken to the hospital. 

Republican lawmakers are placing the blame on the Biden administration’s lenient policies. Republican Rep. Andrew Garbarino suggested that there should be no distinction between assaulting an officer in Long Island or the southern border. Garbarino’s bill, the “POLICE Act” amends the Immigration and Nationality Act to include deportations of illegal immigrants. 

The Republican-controlled House is likely to sign onto the bill as six Republican lawmakers are now cosponsoring it. In the time that President Biden has been in office, Customs and Border Patrol has encountered 4,113,630 migrants from countries like Mexico, El Salvador, Honduras, and Guatemala, according to American Pigeon

Compared with previous data in 2020, this number represents an 80% markup. The lenient border policies appeared to have been praised by Mexican President Andrés Manuel López Obrador when he thanked Biden for not building even a meter of wall.

As thousands of immigrants are fleeing their countries, Biden added Venezuela to his approval list. Before taking office, Biden had reportedly told immigrants to “surge to the border.” He also ended President Trump’s “Remain in Mexico” policy amid the ending of Title 42, which the former president used to keep illegal immigrants at bay.