High School Kids Get Threatened Over Video Of LGBTQ

Students in a high school math class may be seen on camera in a viral video booing and laughing while showing an LGBT Pride Month film. The teacher, trying to indoctrinate the students with her particular point of view, grew irritated with the “turned-off” students and threatened them with punishment.

The event occurred at Huntington Beach, California’s Edison High School.

A movie titled “Pride Month” is displayed in the classroom while a rainbow flag waves in the breeze in this clip posted publicly by worried parents.

One student yells, “Turn it off!” to which the other students respond with moans, boos, and sarcastic laughter.

Amid the noise, another student asks, “Why are you showing this to kids?” as footage of two women kissing plays on the screen.

The teacher, clearly upset by the students’ reaction, issues a veiled warning of disciplinary action unless the students treat the presentation with appropriate decorum.

(Some may argue that they did.)

She is heard threatening them by giving them Saturday school for next year.

Conservative politician/activist Robby Starbuck said other students came forward to tell him that the video was played in all classes that day, not just the math class.

Starbuck said many teens were outraged and demanded that the school stop showing such movies.

Despite the teacher’s reprimand, the student’s reaction to the indoctrination session is encouraging since it shows that this type of social engineering is being strongly rejected.

After the White House proudly displayed a gay pride flag over Old Glory, the Biden administration was accused of dishonoring the American flag over the weekend.

During a Pride celebration at the White House, a trans-influencer named Rose Montoya went topless on the White House South Lawn.

One could say the entire celebration went south.

Montoya issued an apology after being banned.