Is Changing A Baby’s Diaper On A Plane Too Far?

On Reddit, an online site, users agreed with a fellow passenger who asked a couple to stop changing their infant’s smelly diaper on the tray table.

According to a report, the 28-year-old lady wrote in the ‘Am I The Asshole?’ (AITA) a subforum of Reddit, claiming the pair was utilizing the mother’s food tray as a diaper-changing table.

The poster said she hadn’t said something the first time, but when it happened again a couple of hours later, the person asked if they would please use the bathroom instead of exposing the plane to the odor.

According to the poster, the agitated mother told her she had no concept of how difficult it is to travel with a baby. 

According to Jules Hirst, etiquette expert, and author, traveling with small children is difficult, and this is something that everyone agrees on. The woman mentioned in the recent post politely requested that the parents used the other facilities available on the aircraft for changing their baby’s diaper and did nothing wrong.

According to a recent report by the Transportation Security Administration (TSA), it collected 15,545 complaints from the general public by phone or email in March 2023. Concerns were voiced regarding passenger etiquette,  ramp access, missing luggage, policy, and regulation.

According to the Trips with Tykes website, diaper changes in the air might be challenging, and the struggles are genuine. There are small (or non-existent) change stations, and diaper changes tend to occur at the worst times of turbulence. However, any circumstance, even changing a diaper on an aircraft, is manageable if you come prepared and know what to anticipate.

The site strongly advises against doing diaper changes in the seating area. Some parents have tarnished the reputation of all parents by changing their child’s diaper on the airplane’s snack table or an empty seat. These options are unsanitary and show a lack of consideration for other passengers.

If you are planning a trip with a young child, you’ll find some useful advice on the site.