Joe Rogan Says January 6th “Shaman” Is In Jail For “Going On A Tour” 

( After Fox News host Tucker Carlson featured never-before-seen footage of Jacob Chansley, the so-called “Qanon Shaman,” being leisurely escorted through the US Capitol by Capitol Hill Police officers on January 6, podcaster Joe Rogan blasted the government for jailing Chansley for four years for getting a tour of the Capitol. 

During Wednesday’s broadcast of “The Joe Rogan Experience,” Rogan and his guest, author Michael Malace, discussed the Capitol surveillance footage featured last week on “Tucker Carlson Tonight.” 

Rogan made it clear that people shouldn’t break into the Capitol or try to “overthrow the government.” He said the riot on January 6 “wasn’t a good look for America.” But Rogan said that the video showed Capitol Police officers giving Chansley “like a tour,” talking to him and “hanging out with him” rather than “arresting him immediately.” 

He said Chansley wasn’t a “violent guy” who broke into the Capitol building and “started smashing things.” 

Rogan noted that the media is “up in arms” that it was Tucker Carlson who aired the surveillance footage, but argued that everybody should be reporting on it. He said the footage of Chansley is different from “what we were being told.” Rogan said he thought the rioters broke in, “scared the cops away,” and “overtook the Capitol.” 

Michael Malice interjected, asking where Donald Trump had been when his “strongest supporters” were arrested. He said the former president refused to “stick his neck out,” instead, letting them “rot in jail.” 

Malice said he couldn’t understand why Chansley wasn’t placed “under house arrest” instead of being sent to prison. 

Rogan added that Chansley was sentenced to four years “for going on a tour.” 

Rogan pointed out that there are thousands of hours of surveillance footage and Tucker has only begun to release it, wondering what the additional footage might reveal. 

Watch HERE.