John Bolton Says Iranian Protestors Are “Close To Winning” 

( Former White House National Security Adviser John Bolton spoke Thursday at a Senate briefing in support of the campaign against Iran’s governing theocracy. His comments came on the same day that Amnesty International issued a report outlining the regime’s harsh treatment of young inmates. 

The human rights organization Amnesty International said in a news release that to mark six months of the extraordinary public uprising in Iran, precipitated by the death in detention of Mahsa (Zhina) Amini, they have revealed the brutality meted out to youngsters detained during and following rallies. According to the study’s abstract, the paper demonstrates the torturous methods used by Revolutionary Guards and other security and intelligence forces against boys and girls in custody to force false confessions. 

Bolton said at a bipartisan Senate event in favor of a democratic Iran hosted by the Organization of Iranian American Communities that If people are free to think for themselves, there’s no way the dictatorship can continue. 

He said this explains why the regime is violently clamping down on demonstrators. 

Although the Senate is usually split along political lines, New Jersey Democrat Cory Booker has found it inspiring to witness bipartisan support for the people of Iran and their desire for a society that is free and democratic. 

Senator Booker (D-New Jersey), who serves on the Senate Foreign Relations Committee, has pledged his continued support for the Iranian people standing and striving to reject despotism and attain freedom and democracy. 

Although Bolton acknowledged this was a very perilous period within Iran, he also acknowledged the necessity for the Iranian people to show bravery in the face of adversity. And they need to hear again and over how much their efforts have resonated throughout the world and how strongly the United States feels about this in particular.  

Seeing images of women at the forefront of these protests inside Iran against the violence of the ayatollahs has had a profound impact. And one reason he believes protestors are “close to winning” is because every general in the Revolutionary Guards and every general in the regular military has a mother, a sister, a wife, or a daughter.