Lauren Boebert Attacked For Criticizing Biden’s Maui Response

After criticizing President Joe Biden’s unsatisfactory reaction to the horrific wildfires in Hawaii, it was Republican Representative Lauren Boebert of Colorado who received internet outrage.

Pointing out the President’s failings causes sycophants to become enraged.

In her initial tweet on the tragedy, she pointed out that there was a major catastrophe in Maui, with 3,000 house fires and approximately 80 lives lost. She questioned why Joe Biden wasn’t going to the scene for psychological support. She noted that Biden was on vacation, which was a low point for his administration.

Biden did offer financial support, but often that is not enough. The people want to feel that they matter, and visiting their besieged land is necessary. But the people in Hawaii have to take solace in the fact that Biden vacations more than he visits disaster areas. The people in Palestine, Ohio, would have to take comfort as they waved at his plane flying directly overhead as he traveled to Milwaukee to tout his economic accomplishments, which are largely non-existent.

Rehoboth Beach, Delaware, was where Biden spent the weekend. Yes, on Thursday, he signed a massive disaster declaration in Maui and promised that “every asset that we have would be available” to help the people of Hawaii recover.

Biden promised that “anyone who has lost a loved one or whose house has been damaged or destroyed is going to receive support quickly” with the aid from the disaster designation.

Deanne Criswell, head of the Federal Emergency Management Agency, landed in Maui this past Sunday. Biden said that he gave her orders to simplify the assistance application process.

Last week, in a stunning bit of rationalization, VP Kamala Harris said that she and Vice President Joe Biden would not be traveling to the island because “we don’t want to detract from the resources that need to go into the victims of this catastrophe and of course the requirements of the first responders.”
That standard could be applied to every disaster, and it would be horrendous.

Authorities are still looking for survivors in the Lahaina neighborhood destroyed by a wildfire last week, and the death toll has risen to 93.

Boebert’s tweet sparked a flood of negative feedback from online sycophants who would excuse the “guy on their team” no matter what he did.

There is no justification for Biden’s lack of appearances at national disasters.