Lin Wood Announces Sudden Retirement From Law

For fear of being disbarred in Georgia, lawyer Lin Wood has resigned rather than recant his public and legal support for the conspiracy theory that the 2020 presidential election was stolen from former president Donald Trump.

Wood wrote to the Georgia state bar’s general counsel and executive director, asking to transfer to “Retired Status.”

He said he realized that his request was permanent and irrevocable, saying that if given Retired Status, he would no longer be eligible for readmission to the bar and would be permanently barred from practicing law in any state or jurisdiction. 

Wood, who also defended Richard Jewell and John and Patsy Ramsey, became a right-wing celebrity when he represented Nicholas Sandmann in his defamation suits against the media, including CNN and the Washington Post, for falsely reporting that Sandmann had taunted a Native American man during a school trip to the nation’s capital.

The conspiracy theory that Trump had won the 2020 election was fully adopted by Wood, who further claimed that Trump had received 70% of the vote. In addition, Wood said that a group of evil guys, including Republican governor Brian Kemp and Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger, took Chinese money to toss the election for Joe Biden.

He called Kemp a criminal who took money from Dominion and China.

In December 2020, Wood predicted that what would appear to be a civil war was a revolutionary conflict.

Wood was threatened with disbarment after he reportedly attacked coworkers and said former Vice President Mike Pence should be killed.

After spending more than $16 million buying three old plantations and relocating to South Carolina, Wood unsuccessfully campaigned for chairman of the state’s Republican Party in 2021.

Wood and eight other Trump-aligned lawyers were accused of wrongdoing and should be reprimanded by a Michigan watchdog organization in May for launching a lawsuit disputing Mr. Biden’s 2020 election win in that state. 

A judge had earlier ruled that Lin’s case abused the judicial system.