Liz Cheney Might Be Coming For The Presidency Next

( The 19FortyFive website notes that Liz Cheney served as head of the House Republican Conference, making her the highest-ranking Republican woman in the organization’s history and the third-ranking Republican figure in the legislative body.

The former congresswoman from Wyoming was, at a point in time, one of the most influential Republicans in the US House of Representatives. It has been said that Liz Cheney is a “Rino” or a Republican “in name only,” but it is a misnomer. She has long been considered a solid intellectual conservative in the Bush-Cheney lineage and a leader of the GOP establishment.

Neoconservative Cheney has focused on national security and supporting the U.S. military. She has a history of being pro-business, aggressive on international affairs, and conservative on both the economic and social fronts. Those are hardly qualities that one would associate with RINOs.

But, as the 19FortyFive points out, the 2020 presidential election derailed her.

Only 10 House Republicans, including Cheney, voted to remove Donald Trump from office for instigating the crowd on January 6, 2021, into an attack on the capital. She received a censure from the Wyoming GOP in response, and after repeatedly criticizing the former president, she was subsequently removed as conference chair.

Cheney despises Trump. Cheney told reporters that Trump continues to incite with his comments and his lack of respect for the Constitution. Although she consistently supported most of Donald Trump’s general program, she was skeptical of his foreign policy, which some conservatives believed to be a failed kind of isolationism.

In her first days in Congress in 2017, Cheney co-sponsored proposals to undo the effects of “Obama-era” gun laws while also voting to repeal “Obamacare.” Cheney was a harsh critic of President Barak Obama. Later, she warned that socialism was gaining control of the Democratic Party.

The current debate is on whether Cheney would launch a campaign for president.

At this moment, it is very improbable simply because Cheney couldn’t win without Trump’s supporters.  She may do it, however, to stop Trump.

Last year, there may have been rumors that Cheney might run independently to sway enough Conservative voters to prevent Trump from winning. It would be better for Cheney to stay out of it and allow Trump to continue falling further behind so that she may return in the post-MAGA future.

She will continue to be a powerful voice for neoconservatives who want to see a strong America.