Matt Gaetz Threatens To Resign

( Florida firebrand Rep. Matt Gaetz is at the center of a GOP faction’s fight to stop Rep. Kevin McCarthy (R-CA) from becoming House Speaker.

In an appearance on Fox News on Thursday, Gaetz said he would quit if Democrats help McCarthy, and he also took a jab at former President Donald Trump.

Reports show Gaetz is one of 20 Republicans who have so far refused to vote for McCarthy to take over as speaker from Nancy Pelosi. This is because the GOP barely won a majority in the midterm elections in November, and the GOP only has a small majority.

Thursday was the eleventh time McCarthy failed to get the 218 votes he needed to take the job. Some of the holdouts have said they would vote for McCarthy if they got something in return, but Gaetz said he didn’t plan to change his vote.

Gaetz told Fox News host Laura Ingraham they shouldn’t bet on his vote for Kevin McCarthy under almost any circumstances. He added that if a small number of Democrats helped McCarthy win, which is unlikely, he would step down.

Gaetz has been a supporter of the 45th President Donald J. Trump for a long time and even voted for him to be House Speaker in two votes on Thursday.  So, a jab at Trump is not like him.

The Ingraham interview revealed that because Trump backed McCarthy for Speaker, Gaetz said that the 2024 candidate was blind when it came to making decisions about people.

Gaetz said of Trump that he defended him a lot in Congress, but HR isn’t always his strong suit.  President Trump gave us people like Jeff Sessions, Bill Barr, Jim Mattis, and Mark Esper. People who didn’t always support the “America First” policy.”

Representative Gaetz makes a good point. If Trump expects to win in 2024, he has to toss the deep-state Rolodex and the person who brought it to him in the garbage.