Matt Gaetz To Defy Kevin McCarthy

North Carolina Representative Dan Bishop was an early critic of the McCarthy-Biden debt agreement. Bishop has been joined in opposition to the debt deal by two other conservative firebrands, Matt Gaetz and Lauren Boebert. Strong allies of McCarthy, such as Rep. Kat Mccormick, have abandoned the McCarthy and Biden compromise. McCarthy will need Democratic support if he wants to pass this deal.

Bishop has also indicated that he is open to replacing Speaker McCarthy.

Gaetz announced his opposition to the debt ceiling bill proposed by Biden and McCarthy on Tuesday night via Twitter. 

Lauren Boebart is on record, stating that voting yes is a stab in the back of the American people. She criticized lawmakers who favor the deal, calling the agreement to raise the limit on the debt ceiling typical “swamp garbage” in Washington, DC. 

She noted that it was said that this Congress would be different. Voting for the bill is “classic” DC.

Bishop’s cause has gained the support of dozens of other legislators. Interestingly, one of Speaker McCarthy’s most significant friends, Kat Cammack, has stated she would vote no on the plan, tweeting that no one wants to default, but the present arrangement is unacceptable. 

She said she studied the measure twice and will not support it in its current form. She said it just increases the debt ceiling. 

Cammack said she battled hard to get the REINS Act included in the first House bill, and it’s the greatest regulatory reform in history and will save taxpayers over $2 trillion yearly. It was removed from the box shortly thereafter. She said that if we don’t change how we do business in Washington and reign in big government, spending cuts and caps will accomplish nothing.

Meanwhile, Marjorie Taylor Greene purports to be the MAGA base representative, and she has been tweeting her support for it so far while MAGA is against it.

McCarthy, as speaker, will need the support of Democrats to enact the agreement he reached with Biden.