Media Won’t Cover Biden Family Bribery Scandal

Senator Ron Johnson criticized left-leaning mainstream media outlets, accusing them of concealing the Biden family’s questionable business dealings, particularly involving President Biden and his son Hunter.

Johnson (R-Wis.) expressed frustration with the slow progress of the ongoing federal investigation into Hunter Biden, noting the apparent double standard.

The public uproar follows the indictment of former President Donald Trump by the Justice Department on 37 federal charges. 

These include accusations of deliberately withholding national defense information, participating in a conspiracy to impede justice, and making false statements. All these charges stem from Trump’s mishandling of classified documents.

He pointed out the exoneration of Hillary Clinton and the baseless fraudulent investigation into Russian collusion, which he claimed the FBI knew was without merit. 

According to Johnson, these incidents demonstrate interference by the FBI and the Department of Justice in the 2016 and 2020 elections, leading him to believe they will continue to interfere in the 2024 election.

Describing the situation as a “horrible mess,” Johnson expressed suspicion regarding the agency’s alleged efforts to impede Trump’s political aspirations. He criticized the prolonged investigation of Hunter Biden while contrasting it with the swift conclusion of the investigation into Trump. 

Johnson also highlighted the timing of the announcement, coinciding with the disclosure of details about FBI confidential human sources by members of Congress.

Shortly before news broke about Trump’s arrest, the House Oversight Committee obtained a document revealing a $5 million bribery payment from a Burisma Holdings CEO to current President Joe Biden and his son Hunter.

Based on his analysis of records related to these questionable business operations, Johnson claimed that the Biden family was fully aware of the nature of the individuals they were involved with.

Furthermore, Johnson condemned the mainstream media as “complicit, compliant, and corrupt,” accusing them of biased coverage by ignoring the suspicious transactions of the Biden family while publicizing concerns about Trump.

“They’re not providing honest coverage,” he stated. Johnson concluded by drawing parallels to past decisions by President Ford and President Trump not to pursue prosecutions against President Nixon and Hillary Clinton, respectively, suggesting that Joe Biden could have made the same decision but didn’t.