Most Americans Agree On Immigration Issue

( Most Americans agree on the immigration issue and oppose President Joe Biden’s open border policy. A new survey shows that a majority believe that neither amnesty nor citizenship should be given to those who are “asylum seekers” or living in the country illegally, according to The Post Millennial.

The poll was conducted by Trafalgar Group and paints a different picture than what is often portrayed. Just 14% of Americans reportedly believe that those in the country illegally should be given full citizenship. A whopping 59.5% of Americans reportedly believe that “those in review should complete their reviews and either be removed or granted asylum, and those here illegally should be expelled.”

Hispanic voters were some of the least likely to support citizenship, with just 2.8% saying that illegals should be granted amnesty and citizenship. Democrats clocked in with 36% saying that immigrants should be given neither asylum nor citizenship. 30.6% believe that illegals should be granted citizenship and 13.1% caveated that on the condition that illegals are seeking asylum.

20% of Democrats responded, “not sure,” making them the highest percentage among all other political parties.

Republicans, on the other hand, overwhelmingly rejected giving citizenship and amnesty to illegal immigrants. 71% were opposed, 14.7% were in support of citizenship and amnesty for those seeking asylum, and 6.1% believed that that should apply to both asylum seekers and illegals.

Independents were closely aligned with Republicans on the issue.

A majority of Americans also reportedly believe that completing the border wall is “essential to U.S. national security.” The wall, started under the Trump administration, was halted by Biden in the first weeks of taking office.

Under the Biden administration, migrant encounters rose by 80%, according to American Pigeon. With Title 42 poised to end, many fear that those seeking entry will continue to increase. In a June report, the outlet wrote that over a million illegal immigrants settled in the United States since Biden’s inauguration.