Nick Fuentes Put Back On Twitter

( Last Wednesday, less than 24 hours after his long-banned Twitter account was reinstated, wannabe Neo-Nazi Nick Fuentes once again found himself suspended by Twitter.

Fuentes, whose extreme rhetoric got him booted from several social media platforms in 2020 and 2021, including Twitter, Facebook, and YouTube, had his Twitter account reinstated last Tuesday as part of Elon Musk’s general amnesty for previously suspended users.

When his account was restored, Fuentes was immediately subjected to mass reporting by Twitter users angry that the little white supremacist was permitted back on the platform.

That same day, Fuentes joined in a Twitter Spaces discussion during which he made several anti-Semitic comments that reportedly caused Twitter to lock him out, according to Reuters.

Other outlets reported that Fuentes also made comments about Adolf Hitler and the Unabomber during the Twitter Spaces discussion.

It is unclear whether it was the mass reporting or his bigoted comments that got Fuentes booted from the platform. Twitter did not comment on the reason for his suspension.

After he was suspended, Fuentes went on Telegram to encourage his followers to use the hashtag #FreeNickFuentes on Twitter, telling them to tag Musk as well as Trust & Safety head Ella Irwin and Director of Product Management Esther Crawford in their tweets.

Fuentes got a heaping helping of his much-craved attention late last year when he accompanied anti-Semite Kanye West to Mar-a-Lago when former President Trump invited the rapper for dinner.

Trump later said he didn’t know Fuentes was coming and claimed that he had never heard of the little Nazi before he met him.

But Fuentes wasn’t the only controversial Trump support to get suspended by Twitter last Wednesday.

Outspoken “Stop the Steal” organizer Ali Alexander was suspended as well just weeks after his account was reinstated. Alexander was initially suspended from Twitter after the January 6 riot at the Capitol that followed the “Stop the Steal” rally.