Nikki Haley Is Grilled After Falling For Hoax Online

Nikki Haley, a Republican Presidential contender in 2024, was interrogated by Fox News anchor Will Cain over a false story she fell for in 2020. Cain wanted to know whether Haley regretted making a remark on the story before verifying its veracity.

On Fox News Tonight,  Haley lambasted President Biden and leftists for placing race into every detail and pitting people against each other. 

Cain brought up a tweet Haley made in 2020 in response to a report that a “noose” was reportedly discovered in NASCAR driver Bubba Wallace’s garage, who is Black. In the end, the story was disproved.

Cain declared that he had a question for Haley in one of her previous remarks. He believes there are some who intentionally want to drive a wedge between us based on our race.  He didn’t believe Haley fell into that category, but he was saddened to have seen one of her 2020 tweets because some people are too eager to accept a faulty assumption.

At this NASCAR event, it was rumored that a noose had been strung in Bubba Wallace’s garage. Haley tweeted that we must stand with Wallace against the cowards who surreptitiously placed the noose in his garage stall.  

Cain remarked that it turned out to be a fake, and she tweeted about it. 

Haley said she trusted them and didn’t check the story out for herself since NASCAR was one of her business partners as Governor of South Carolina from 2011 to 2017.

NASCAR finally said in 2020 that the FBI had concluded that Wallace wasn’t the victim of a hate crime and that photographic evidence showed the noose-shaped draw rope had been hanging on the door at Talladega Superspeedway since at least October. NASCAR stated that, obviously, the rope was there before Wallace and his squad arrived and were given that garage.