Obama Signals 2024 Worries To Biden In Meeting

According to a report by The Washington Post, a private meeting occurred between former President Obama and President Biden this summer. In the meeting, Obama cautioned Biden, describing former President Trump as a “more formidable candidate” than most Democrats might perceive.

The information was revealed by Washington Post White House reporter Tyler Pager, who spoke with two individuals aware of the meeting. Pager detailed the private lunch between Obama and Biden in June. During this meeting, Obama advised Biden against underestimating Trump and committed to supporting Biden’s re-election campaign.

Obama’s concerns about Trump’s political power were outlined in the sources’ accounts, highlighting Trump’s intensely devoted following, favorable conservative media environment, and the nation’s divided stance. He worries that Trump’s candidacy could be more substantial than many in the Democratic party realize.

Obama, the 44th U.S. president, also vowed to make every effort to support Biden’s re-election. Pager commented that this pledge was seen as a positive sign by the White House, especially when Biden was keen to secure backing from leading Democrats.

The reported lunch is part of the regular “catch-up” meetings between the two leaders, where they converse about various political, policy, and personal subjects, including family updates.

Though the White House stated that there was no specific agenda for the June 27 meeting, Trump’s influence on the Republican Party and his polling were central discussion topics.

The report further emphasized that Obama’s concerns were not targeted at Biden’s political competence but rather a recognition of Trump’s significant influence within the Republican Party.

Regarding Obama’s commitment to Biden’s campaign, Pager mentioned how aides to the former president indicate he will use his recent election strategies. A recap of Obama’s election methods from 2020 and 2022 includes hosting large rallies, fundraising for Democratic candidates, and engaging with young voters through nontraditional channels, such as appearances on ESPN’s Manningcast and collaborations with TikTok influencers.

In response to The Post’s inquiry about the lunch, Obama’s senior adviser Eric Schultz did not comment but confirmed plans to optimize Obama’s campaign activity for effectiveness.

Schultz’s statement emphasized the importance of innovatively reaching new audiences and deliberately timing to create a significant impact.

People close to Obama’s campaign efforts revealed plans for fundraising for Biden starting this fall.