Pelosi, Warren, Booker Join Biden’s New Board

President Joe Biden is starting to put some of the support pieces in place for his 2024 re-election campaign.

On Wednesday, the campaign for the Biden-Harris 2024 re-election announced the members who will sit on the national advisory board for it. The chair of the board will be Nancy Pelosi, the former Speaker of the House from California. Other prominent members of the board will be Senators Elizabeth Warren from Massachusetts, Cory Booker from New Jersey and Amy Klobuchar from Minnesota, all who ran for president in 2020 against Biden.

Of course, Biden’s vice president, Kamala Harris, also ran for president in 2020 against her now boss.

There are 50 Democrats who will sit on the Biden-Harris 2024 national advisory board. The role of these members is to act as surrogates for the re-election campaign. They will travel across the country to boost the profile of both Biden and Harris, while trying to raise money for the campaign in the process.

The Biden-Harris campaign said this week that all members of the board will “participate in regular media interviews, assist with fundraising efforts and events, leverage their networks and platforms to amplify the campaign’s message to voters, and engage directly with voters through grassroots efforts and events in key battleground states.”

This announcement comes just two weeks after Biden officially announced that he would be running for re-election, as was widely anticipated, though not overly celebrated by all Democrats.

Some of the other key members of the national advisory board for the Biden-Harris 2024 campaign include a large group of Democratic governors – Phil Murphy from New Jersey, Wes Moore from Maryland, Michelle Lujan Grisham from New Mexico, Ned Lamont from Connecticut, Roy Cooper from North Carolina, Kathy Hochul from New York, Maura Healey from Massachusetts, John Carney from Delaware, Josh Shapiro from Pennsylvania and Gavin Newsom from California.

Karen Bass, the mayor of Los Angeles, as well as more than a dozen Democratic members of the House of Representatives will also serve on the Biden-Harris 2024 national advisory board.

Three other Democratic senators will serve on the board, too – Tom Carper from Delaware, Patty Murray from Washington and Chris Murphy from Connecticut.

In a statement, Kevin Munoz, a spokesperson for the Biden-Harris 2024 campaign, said of the members of the board:

“They are representative of the broad, diverse coalition of voters who came together in 2020 to deliver President Biden and Vice President Harris a historic victory, and we are so grateful for their dedication to help this campaign prevail over the MAGA extremist agenda and help President Biden finish the job for the American people.”

Biden didn’t get a rousing vote of confidence from all Democrats before he officially announced that he would run for re-election, though most saw him as the most logical choice for the job. Having someone from the Democratic Party run up against the incumbent president would be a tough ask.

Now it seems that many prominent members of the party are getting on board, at least partly in hopes of convincing Democratic voters to do the same.