Pete Hegseth’s Wife Reportedly Sabotaged Tucker Carlson

Pete Hegseth’s wife reportedly sabotaged Tucker Carlson’s primetime talk show on Fox News as Pete is being tapped as a potential replacement. Stew Peters cited “credible sources” who blame executive producer Jennifer Rauchet for the ousting. 

Peters posted a message from Tom Lipscomb on Twitter that claimed that Carlson was preparing to do a segment on a “60 Minutes” episode on Ray Epps, the notorious figure that is videoed saying that people should storm the Capitol leading up to January 6. Footage also captures him inciting the riot that took place, which resulted in conservatives accusing him of being an FBI operative, according to a report by American Pigeon.

Peters reports that Rauchet said that he could not do a segment about Epps and that resulted in Carlson quitting the network. Peters speculates that she was a messenger. Hegseth responded to the tweet by denying that his wife had anything to do with Carlson leaving Fox News. He encouraged Peters to contact him if he wanted to discuss the matter further. 

MSNBC reported that Fox News will try out several guest hosts to replace Carlson, but Hegseth is going to allegedly “try to win the gig.” Carlson has not said anything of the situation but released a video last week talking about the mainstream news media and its lack of truth-telling.

“The undeniably big topics, the ones that will define our future, get virtually no discussion at all: war, civil liberties, emerging science, demographic change, corporate power, natural resources,” he said. 

Hegseth then contacted the National File reporter and accused him of not checking the validity of the story. Hegseth accused the outlet of running the story for clicks and wrote that eventually, the pennies may add up someday. 

The outlet then reported that Hegseth has “bedded” another woman at Fox News and married her, similar to what he is doing with Rauchet.