RFK Jr: “I Want My Party Back”

RFK Jr. says that he wants his party back.

In a bid to unseat President Joe Biden as the Democratic Party’s nominee in 2024, Robert F. Kennedy Jr. said on Wednesday that he is running for president to return to the past values of the Democratic Party. 

While participating in a town hall event, the son of the late Robert F. Kennedy voiced his support for the revival of his father’s political party.

Asked if he was proud of his dad and his uncle’s contributions to the Democratic Party, the questioner wondered if they would be considered Democrats today. They also asked Kennedy if he was shocked by how the Democrats and the media treated him.

He replied that he was unhappy about it but was not shocked. He said he fully knows that people could become engulfed in dogmas. 

Kennedy felt that the principles he attempted to preach were the precise ones his father and uncle would support. He noted that he had written a few books focusing on his family. He said he’s read up on them, and his interest in his family’s history, his father’s and uncle’s families in particular, has grown since he’s learned more about them. 

He said his pride is beyond words. 

RFK Jr. says his goal in running is to remind the Democratic Party of what they are meant to represent and what they’ve always represented, adding that he had dedicated his life to supporting the same principles that he thought they championed.

RFK Jr. explained that he would not run as an independent candidate to bring the Democratic Party back to the values it once stood for.

When asked why he wouldn’t run as an independent, his standard response is, “Because I’m a Democrat.” 

He said his ideal party is similar to the one he attended as a child— John F. Kennedy’s political leanings. Robert F. Kennedy’s political leanings. The party that FDR and Harry Truman belonged to.