RNC To Start Fact-Checking Joe Biden’s Statements

The Republican National Committee is starting to make serious preparations for the 2024 presidential election, announcing this week that it would be setting up a new service to keep President Joe Biden in check.

Just a few days before Biden announced he would be running for re-election earlier this week, the RNC said it would be launching a new website that would consistently fact check the president. 

The new site, FactcheckBiden.com, will analyze all of the statements that Biden makes in real-time, providing a full record of what the group says are lies, the RNC announced this week.

On Monday, Ronna McDaniel, the chair of the Republican National Committee, tweeted:

“Whether it’s falsely claiming the border is ‘secure,’ our economy is ‘strong,’ or that the botched withdrawal from Afghanistan was a ‘success,’ Biden refuses to acknowledge the truth.”

The RNC added that it hopes that this new website ends up being Biden’s “least favorite website,” as it seeks to hold him accountable for every word that he says. The site will operate with the apparatus from the RNC Research and Rapid Response team. 

Already, the site features many different remarks that Biden has made in the past, with the RNC flagging those statements as some examples of “made-up stories” or “fake” information.

One example are remarks that the president made at Ebenezer Baptist Church. There, Biden said he was a “22-year-old kid on the east side in the civil rights movement.”

The RNC also provided a link to claims that Biden made back in 1987 that falsely said he marched right along others during the civil rights movement.

Another instance highlighted on the RNC’s site goes off on the president’s pledge to not increase taxes on any American who earns less than $400,000. That entry cites an assessment conducted by the Joint Committee on Taxation that suggests that the Democrat-led Inflation Reduction Act – championed in large part by Biden himself – would raise “at least half of all new tax revenue” to support it from people who fall into the category of earning less than $400,000 per year.

Fact-checking operations are something that many media organizations started in the last couple years. Many of those initiatives were targeted at conservatives such as former President Donald Trump, though.

Mainstream media organizations were heavily criticized for this, and some even started to fact check Biden when he entered the White House two years ago.

This effort from the RNC, though, will be the biggest push yet to keep Biden in check and make sure that the American public knows when he is lying about major issues. While that’s certainly important any time of the year for a president, it’s particularly important now that Biden has announced his re-election campaign.

As president, Biden will have a public platform that no other candidate from either party will have – not even Trump himself. This makes it very important that the public knows whether every claim he makes is the truth or a flat-out lie.