Ron DeSantis Event Fundraiser Host Has A Disturbing Past

On July 20, Ron DeSantis will fly to the Hamptons for a gala hosted by global elitists who support war. The event follows another high-profile fundraiser for DeSantis documented by National File last month, during which Marc Lampkin, an advocate for child mutilation, endorsed the candidate.

In a tweet titled “SCOOP:” Laura Loomer revealed the fundraising. 

She wrote that on July 20th, @RonDeSantis will hold a high-dollar fundraising event in the Hamptons. She noted that Omeed Malik is a part of the organizing committee. Malik manages money for a hedge fund firm and is a member of the CFR, an elite, globalist organization. 

Loomer summed it up in one word – disgraceful!

The Council on Foreign Relations website has pieces on topics as diverse as the supposed advantages of Ukraine joining NATO, the battle against “climate change,” and the reasons Trump supporters are “domestic terrorists.”

Loomer tweeted that another guest member at the RonDeSantis’ rarefied air fundraiser is Clifford Sobel, a partner with Valor Capital. Sobel was a vital member of the Bush White House. Sobel is a significant fundraiser and bundler for the Republican Party.

Sobel “served as the United States Ambassador to the Netherlands from 2001 to 2005 and Brazil from 2006 to 2009” under the Bush administration.

Sobel’s appointment as ambassador to high-profile nations like Brazil and the Netherlands indicates his importance in Bush’s perpetual war White House.

Despite Trump’s repeated assurances that he will reduce American participation in Ukraine to avert World War 3, DeSantis has not made a similar pledge and has instead suggested that he supports maintaining the conflict.

The evidence is overwhelming that globalists who seek to undermine the America First movement and launch another endless war are funding DeSantis. As a result, DeSantis has no reasonable explanation to provide people about Ukraine. DeSantis knows that some of his backers would want to see Ukraine become America’s next endless conflict.

GOP supporters want an “America First” nominee, as seen by the decline of Ron DeSantis in the polls. Republican primary voters know that DeSantis’ pro-globalist views contradict their beliefs.