Ron DeSantis’ Wife Asked To Look Like Melania Trump

As the 2024 presidential candidates contend for favorable coverage, Florida Governor Ron DeSantis is receiving criticism about the role his wife, Jill “Casey” DeSantis plays in his life. Recently, it was revealed that Casey made Ron wear the cowboy boots that he is frequently mocked for, according to The National Pulse. She also sought inspiration from Melania Trump and asked an aide where she would shop and what designers she liked.

But that isn’t all. In a piece that reads like it was deliberately intended to bash DeSantis, The Washington Post writes that Casey had her hand in virtually every decision that had to do with her husband’s political career. She allegedly influenced what invitations he should accept or decline, who he should stand next to on stage, what earpiece he should wear on stage, and what shoes he should wear on his feet. 

This profile of Casey added fuel to critics who resurfaced a 2016 CPAC video where Ron accidentally calls his wife “mommy.” One former administration official called Casey the “executive producer” of Ron’s career. Former President Donald Trump has also claimed that Casey is the one running Ron’s campaign. 

But Casey attributes Ron’s political success to his abilities, which she calls a “God-given gift.” DeSantis has been at the forefront of the “culture war” by allowing parents of Florida to have control over their children’s education, which caused a backlash amongst those on the left alleging that he was targeting LGBTQ+ people. 

However, with the 2024 presidential races underway, Trump remains the top dog. A Morning Consult GOP Primary poll has Trump at 59 percent of support among likely GOP voters. By contrast, DeSantis is trailing in second place with just 19 percent of support. Other Republican candidates only have single-digit support among voters.