Rumors Floating After No Documents Found At Biden’s Home

( On Wednesday’s program of Jesse Watters Primetime, the host commented on the search of Biden’s beach house and said that Biden had flown there “with a bucket of bleach and a book of matches” before the FBI arrived.

The FBI investigation showed no evidence of any sensitive materials, so Fox News commentator Jesse Watters hypothesized that the president had been informed of the federal officials’ visit. Watters insinuated that Biden knew about the search and ordered a house cleaning.

“You don’t think Joe knew the FBI was going to hit the beach house next?” Watters snarked. “The FBI conducted a search at Joe’s second house two weeks after Joe had cleaned it. What do you know, no secret materials were discovered,” he said sarcastically.

The search at Biden’s family vacation home in Rehoboth Beach comes after at least two others at places connected to him, including his residence in Greenville, Delaware, and the Penn Biden Center in Washington, D.C., the think tank where he worked for about two years before launching his presidential campaign.

A special counsel for the Justice Department is looking into how the secret records got to Biden’s Delaware residence and the Washington, D.C. think tank. According to Biden and his attorneys, the finding of the documents would be seen to be an error.

Biden told reporters last week, “I believe you’re going to discover nothing there. “I don’t feel guilty. I’m doing what the attorneys have requested that I do. That is precisely what we are doing.”

Acyn Torabi, who monitors right-wing media online, tweeted footage of Watters’ statements. Torabi said numerous Fox hosts have demanded that the beach property be searched. “Now, they are pushing the idea that he preemptively cleaned out the beach house before the search,” Torabi whined.

Watters tweeted, “the FBI allowed Joe Biden to spend the weekend at a crime scene.”

The legal team representing Biden assisted with searching for and retrieving classified papers, offering over any they had independently discovered and encouraging investigators to hunt for more. However, despite demands from the Justice Department and the National Archives and Records Administration, Trump’s staff refused to give over confidential information, which led to an FBI raid on his home in August 2022.