“Saving Private Ryan” Actor Suddenly Hospitalized

(TheLibertyRevolution.com)- Actor Tom Sizemore is in a critical condition having suffered a brain aneurysm at his home in Los Angeles. Sizemore, who starred alongside Tom Hanks in Saving Private Ryan, collapsed on the 19th of February and was immediately taken to hospital by paramedics. His representative Charles Lago told reporters it is too early to comment on his recovery as he is in a serious condition and under close observation by doctors.

The Detroit-born actor rose to fame in Hollywood in the 1990s when he appeared in several high-profile films including Born on the Fourth of July, a Vietnam war epic directed by Oliver Stone, alongside Tom Cruise. He also appeared in True Romance, Natural Born Killers, and Black Hawk Down. He was the lead singer of a rock band called Day 8, which was formed in 2002.

While enjoying a relatively successful Hollywood career, Sizemore has been open about his alcohol and drug abuse problems. He says he has suffered from addiction problems since the age of 15 and has a long record of encounters with law enforcement. He was convicted on domestic violence charges in 2003 and was sentenced to court-ordered rehab in 2005. His legal problems continued throughout his life and he was arrested again for drug possession in 2007.

Rarely far from controversy, he alleged that his former girlfriend Elizabeth Hurley had an affair with Bill Clinton but later admitted he had lied. It was reported in 2017 that a young girl had accused him of molesting her on the set of Natural Born Killers 14 years earlier. No action was taken at the time but the alleged victim sued Sizemore in 2018. Two years later, a Utah Judge dismissed the case.

Sizemore’s friend Robert De Niro booked him into a rehab clinic in 2013, but he was arrested once again for drug possession 6 years later. He was pulled over by police in Burbank in 2019 and a “variety of narcotics” were discovered in his car.