Schools Are Scaring Children By Pushing New Agenda

Students in school are failing math and English as scores dropped to their lowest in decades. But as students struggle with basic skills, they are also more fearful that the world is going to end in their lifetime, according to Fox News. Standing at the front of the line of concerns—before drug abuse, failing schools, a corrupt and ever-increasing government, and a growing national debt—is climate change. 

Students are reportedly afraid of global warming or climate change. Stephen Moore, a senior fellow in economics at the Heritage Foundation, noted the irony in the climate change warning. He wrote that the “experts” who sounded the alarm at the “population bomb, nuclear winter, mass starvation, running out of energy, global cooling,” and a polluted future where everyone will have to wear a mask, are also erecting a “climate change industrial complex that revolves around the windmill.” 

Windmills are considered unsustainable and unrecyclable, with many being discarded in landfills. 

Moore continues to correlate the doomsday predictions with a declining birth rate as more and more people refuse to bring children into an uninhabitable earth. He notes that psychologists are terming this “eco-anxiety,” which is affecting those aged 16 to 25, according to CNN. A 2021 global survey reportedly found that 84 percent of those between these ages are expressing at least moderate worry about the climate. 

The deleterious effects that the climate change agenda has on young people are further bolstered by world governments trying to solve the alleged crisis. Around ten thousand farms in the Netherlands are facing permanent closure after the Dutch government reportedly launched a buyback program for those that do not comply with environmental regulations. 

The Dutch government is leaving the program voluntary for now but has suggested that if the number of farms they buy is not high enough then the buyout will be mandatory.