Shaquille O’Neal Taken To Hospital For Surgery 

( On Sunday, Shaquille O’Neal uploaded a picture of himself in the hospital, frightening his devoted followers. After the tweet, Shaquille O’Neal’s health was the subject of much speculation. 

The NBA icon is shown in the tweeted photo lying in a hospital bed while wearing a blue medical gown and connected to several devices. 

Shaq did not elaborate on his health beyond tagging his “NBA on TNT” coworkers Erin Johnson and Candace Parker. 

Sources say that the former basketball star had surgery to fix a chronic problem with his hip. According to TMZ’s sources, the surgery went well, and he is recovering nicely.  

The NBA great is now concentrating on his health and recovery. 

It’s still unknown how long the basketball icon will be hospitalized or when Shaq will return to television and his podcast, “The Big Podcast With Shaq.” 

O’Neal shared the selfie with an IV in his arm and said he always watches his TNT co-hosts, so he tagged Candace Parker and Ernie Johnson. “Miss y’all,” O’Neal, 51, wrote to the message. 

In another tweet, O’Neal wrote to all concerned folks to express how much he appreciated everything. 

He said he just needed “BBL WORK, a.k.a. hip replacement.” 

The acronym “BBL” refers to the Brazilian butt lift, a specialized surgery that transfers fat that enhances the size and form of the butt without using implants. 

TMZ Sports also claims the NBA on TNT presenter had hip surgery and is “on the mend.” Their sources claim there is no specific time limit for Shaq’s return to his Broadcast, although he appeared to indicate April 16 on his podcast, “The Big Podcast With Shaq,” when he hinted about the planned surgery. 

He said on the pod that he planned to diet following the operation so that he could become “shredded” and reveal “an 8-pack.”