Special Counsel Given Access To Trump’s Twitter Account

Court documents show that special counsel Jack Smith got a search warrant and subpoena relating to former President Trump’s X account.

In a ruling issued in July, the court mandated that X, then known as Twitter, provide Smith with the requested information and penalized the firm $350,000 for failing to do so within the allotted three days.

When the DOJ originally requested these files in January, it secured a nondisclosure order barring X from revealing the search warrant’s existence or contents to anybody, including President Trump.

Reports show the petition describes a protracted legal struggle between X and the counsel’s office over attempts to get information related to Trump’s account, ultimately culminating in the appellate court upholding the lower court’s decision.

Trump criticized the decision on Truth Social, saying that the Department of Justice was making it a priority to keep him from finding out about this major ‘hit’ on his civil rights.

According to investigative reporter Julie Kelly, with the help of the top judge of the federal court in Washington, DC,  Special Counsel Jack Smith was able to coerce Twitter into handing up Trump’s data and paying a substantial fine for contempt.

Each of them said Trump might easily become a flight risk.

That President Trump would leave the country if the government had his direct communications was a ridiculous assertion by D.C. District Court Judge Beryl Howell and Special Counsel Jack Smith.

To its credit, Twitter fought against the NDA. On February 2nd, using the company’s First Amendment right to free speech in its communications with its customers, Twitter’s legal team moved to vacate or amend the order. Twitter also expressed concerns about releasing the account without allowing the former president to declare executive privilege.

Smith’s office urged Howell to place Twitter in contempt on the same day.

Joe Biden’s Justice Department may now see all of Donald Trump’s tweets. That is not just a voyeuristic breach of privacy, but it also won’t be long before Smith starts selectively leaking information to the regime’s chosen media partisans.

What are they doing with YOUR tweets?