“Squad” Member Makes Strange Claim About Slavery

Certain congressional members, who are part of the notably progressive faction often referred to as “The Squad,” expressed dissenting views during the Independence Day celebrations this Fourth of July. 

Despite the day’s historical significance and profound symbolism, these representatives seek to reshape how Americans perceive and commemorate Independence Day.

Representatives Jamaal Bowman of New York and Cori Bush of Missouri took the opportunity to advocate for reparations and bring attention to the issues of stolen land and slavery.

In his Twitter post commemorating July 4th, Bowman reminded his followers, “As we mark this Fourth of July, it’s essential to recognize that our footing is on land taken and labored by enslaved Africans. 

Likewise, Bush expressed her critique of the Declaration of Independence and its authors, noting, “The Declaration of Independence was authored by those who enslaved others and failed to acknowledge Black individuals as human beings.”

She continued by stating, “Today serves as an excellent occasion to insist on Reparations Now,” amplifying her ongoing advocacy as a Black Lives Matter activist.

Known as members of the “Squad,” Bowman and Bush represent some of the most progressive voices among the Democrats, consistently advocating for initiatives like reparations and climate action akin to the Green New Deal.

Bowman has earned a reputation as one of the most vocal Congress members, often engaging in public debates with Republicans, including Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene of Georgia.

Bowman responded with a public statement after the Supreme Court’s late June ruling invalidated race-based university admissions. 

He asserted, “We must commit to resisting this detrimental decision and strive to ensure fair access to higher education for our Black and brown students.” 

His recommendations included canceling student debt, providing free public college education, and ending legacy university admissions.

Recently, Bush proposed a bill to Congress that requested up to $14 trillion in reparations for slavery.

We must rededicate ourselves to pursuing freedom, equality, and justice, ensuring these principles are available for all, not just a select few.”