Stew Peters Says Kevin McCarthy Lied About January 6th Tapes In “Cover-up.” 

( News host Stew Peters, whose broadcasts are nationally syndicated, criticized Republican House Speaker Kevin McCarthy for breaking his vow to provide the American people with over 40,000 hours of unpublished surveillance video from January 6.  

A report reveals that instead, McCarthy has handed videos to Fox anchor Tucker Carlson in an exclusive arrangement. The videos are said to depict police misconduct as well as government provocateurs. 

Stew Peters explained that Kevin McCarthy was concealing the evidence that disproves the narrative about what is contained in the J6 tapes. They contain security footage of the United States Capitol on January 6th, 2021, during the day of the protests against election fraud.  This ensures that the footage will never be seen in its entirety. Therefore Fox and the uniparty government players can control the narrative. 

Peters called for the release of the footage to the people of the United States. 

A video shows that Peters told the audience that it was evident why McCarthy would choose Fox News as the venue for the video. McCarthy would lose custody of the video if it were made available to the public. 

Andrew Taake, a J6 political prisoner who may be exonerated by the videos McCarthy refused to disclose publicly, joined Peters during the show.   

Mr. Taake explained to Peters that he absolutely did not trust Fox.  He added that although he respected Tucker Carlson much more than Fox, he had little confidence that the J6 tape would really be shown to the people.   

A report from the New York Post claimed that Carlson’s crew has been very thorough in anticipating potential security risks and that the House of Representatives would review the material they utilize before it is shown. 

It was widely reported that the J6 material was already made available to Nancy Pelosi’s filmmaker daughter so that she could use it in a documentary that she was working on. 

The New York Post noted that Tucker Carlson’s show had been the most responsible and cautious.