This Group Could Decide A Possible Rematch To Trump And Biden

Last month there was a Fox News survey regarding Joe Biden and Donald Trump. The survey demonstrated, among other things, the consistency of President Joe Biden’s job approval rating which has hovered between 40% and 47% since January 2022. 

However, the most critical data from the survey are the proportions of the population that have a positive or negative impression of both Biden and former President Trump. What stands out in those data is how similarly the public views the current president and his predecessor.

The results were 44% in favor of Biden and 56% against him. Trump had 43% support, while 56% were opposed. They are essentially the same for all practical purposes. 

Despite the findings of “sameness,” the two candidates have noticeable differences, and the choice, once again, will be who can capture the squishy middle – “the “undecideds.”

Often, it’s been said a person’s preferred candidate comes down to who someone would rather have a beer with.

Donald Trump’s strange diet habits in the Oval Office have taken on an almost mythical character. He has an unending thirst for Diet Coke. He likes fast food. He eats well-done steak slathered in ketchup. 

There is some common ground there – the ketchup.

It’s been reported that Biden prefers orange Gatorade as his beverage of choice.

According to the First Lady, President Biden is “pretty much a basic eater, but The New York Times said that the president’s favorite foods are “ketchup, peanut butter, and jelly.” 

The President also has a soft spot for pasta with red sauce. (Is the red sauce “ketchup”?)

When the Bidens lived in the vice president’s mansion, the staff was tasked to keep vanilla chocolate chip Häagen-Dazs ice cream, one bunch of red grapes, Special K cereal, six eggs, sliced cheese, sliced bread, at least two apples, and a garden tomato  to be stocked in the fridge at all times. 

The squishy middle may have to decide who they want to be president after an orange Gatorade and a diet coke.