Trump Reports Access To Secret Military Info In Newly Released Transcript

In the case against former President Donald Trump, CNN’s Paula Reid broke a new story–  a transcript of the explosive recording in which Trump talks about being unable to reveal classified information.

The news that Trump had been caught on tape discussing a classified document he had taken with him when he left the White House was first reported by Reid and Kaitlan Collins last week. On the recording, Trump is reportedly admitting that he cannot show the document, which outlines a plan to attack Iran, to his guests due to the classification placed on it.

Reid said that she and Jeremy Herb had gotten a transcript of the recording on Friday’s episode of CNN This Morning, and it included statements such as:

“Secret.” “Look at this.” “This is secret information.” 

The conversation took place shortly after Susan Glasser’s article in The New Yorker revealing how Milley gave the Joint Chiefs instructions to make sure Trump didn’t issue any unlawful orders in the closing days of his administration and to let him know if there was any cause for worry was published.

The former president admits in the audio recording from the summer of 2021 that he kept a secret Pentagon paper concerning a potential war with Iran. This contradicts his claim that he declassified everything.

Trump’s statements on the audio show he would like to reveal the material but is aware of the restrictions on his power to declassify data after leaving office.

According to one source, the Iran paper’s relevant section lasts for around two minutes. 

As part of the criminal probe into Trump’s handling of national security secrets, special counsel Jack Smith, who is in charge of the Justice Department’s investigation into Trump, has concentrated on the meeting. 

According to sources, the tape is “important” evidence in the case against Trump, who has frequently claimed he can keep presidential records and “automatically” declassify papers. Trump has consistently claimed he can do both.