The Beginning Of The End For “Mayor Pete”

( Secretary of Transportation Pete Buttigieg is attempting to put the holiday hiccup behind him that created waves of complaints from airline customers, according to defense and national security website 19FortyFive. The mounting failures may make it tough for the former mayor to launch a comeback for his sinking political career, according to an analyst at the outlet.

Buttigieg has recently failed to move on the Federal Aviation Administration computer shutdown that grounded all air travel in the country for 90 minutes. 9,000 flights were delayed and 1,300 were reportedly canceled, leaving many customers frustrated and without a seat on a plane. The former mayor has still not addressed the pervasive policy that forces airlines to sell more seats than capacity allows.

In a similar issue, the U.S. Transportation Department also stated that it is forwarding all of the complaints of customers of Southwest from its massive December cancellation spree to its ongoing investigation, according to Newsmax.

It claims that Southwest will be held accountable if passengers affected by the more than 16,000 canceled flights in December are not reimbursed, with Buttigieg saying that he was following the matter closely. But others tell a different story.

“Ironically, we’re learning more about canceled flights from the airlines than we are from the Department of Transportation,” William McGee, the American Economic Liberties Project (AELP’s) senior fellow for aviation said.

While Buttigieg reportedly called on Southwest Airlines to take accountability for the massive cancellations that left passengers stranded on Christmas Day, little has been done, resulting in progressives criticizing him.

Rep. Ro Khanna took to Twitter to say that he and Sen. Bernie Sanders “called for Buttigieg to implement fines & penalties on airlines for canceling flights,” but still their recommendations have not been followed. The congressman added that the fiasco could have been prevented.