“The View” Hosts Defend Giving Puberty Blockers To Children

Last week, the ladies from ABC’s “The View” defended the use of puberty blockers and other transgender procedures for minors claiming that the bans passed by states are “killing” children, the Daily Caller reported.

During Friday’s broadcast, co-host Sunny Hostin encouraged viewers to read Ellen “Elliot” Page’s book, claiming that it will “save lives.”

Hostin read one excerpt from the book in which Page recounts how terrified she was about getting her period at 11 and not wanting to tell her father. Page claims in her book that she was born in the wrong body and wistfully wonders how different it would have been if she had been given puberty blockers to stop her from getting her period.

Co-host Sara Haines pointed out that puberty blockers have been used on patients since the 90s, which isn’t entirely accurate.

According to the National Library of Medicine, puberty blockers have been prescribed for children since the 1970s to treat a condition called “precocious puberty,” when puberty begins too early.

Co-host Whoopi Goldberg then exclaimed, “You are killing our children!”

Goldberg claimed that the bans on transgender treatment tell children that they “don’t belong” and are “not welcome.” She vowed to fight until everybody has the right “to be themselves.”

It was reported on Friday that England’s National Health Service (NHS) announced that it would no longer permit the use of puberty blockers on children, except in clinical trials.

The NHS cited the lack of evidence supporting the “clinical effectiveness” and “safety” of using puberty blockers as “routinely available treatment” as the reason it will no longer allow them.

The agency initially released a draft of its policy change on puberty blockers last October. Friday’s announcement follows months of public comment on the proposal.

The NHS’s policy change will take effect later this year.