“Tony The Tiger” Photo With Transgender Star Causes Stir Online

When the famous mascot “Tony the Tiger” (Kellog’s Frosted Flakes) walked the red carpet with the “girl” Dylan Mulvaney at the Tony Awards, social media exploded, and many people speculated that Kellogg’s would be the next corporate to “go woke, go broke.” 

The tie-in of “Tony” at the Tony Awards is a natural marketing tool for Kellogg’s. But it’s backfired.

On Sunday, the recognizable mascot for Frosted Flakes cereal was seen in New York City at an event with Mulvaney. However, he was not wearing his signature red bandana but rather a bow tie for the occasion. After this, there was an avalanche of images and a wide variety of opinions questioning whether or not to turn one’s back on the cereal brand. 

Due to Mulvaney’s relationship with Bud Light, the Anheuser-Busch company’s market value plummeted by more than $27 billion as of the end of May.

A person on Twitter commented that Kellogg’s also has a ‘Spirit Day’ box dedicated to pushing the LGBT agenda to youngsters aged 5 to 9 who eat Frosted Flakes. They will direct their attention to your children.

One user stated that “my childhood was ruined” after viewing photographs showing the tiger posing alongside “female impersonator Dylan Mulvaney.”

Another user mentioned that Trans Mulvaney even had Tony the Tiger carry his dress train and bow to him.  

Despite the images depicting Mulvaney posing with the Tiger, some people have pledged to keep buying the sweet cereal even as others have spoken out against it.

Another user with a realistic outlook said that “Tony the Tiger” is just some staffer dressed up in a fur coat who is most likely unaware of who Mulvaney is. You are making a fuss about nothing, so don’t bother your precious little head with it.”

The controversial and troubled ex-Major League Baseball star, Lenny Dykstra, offered his thoughts on Twitter-

“Actually makes perfect sense. If you believe Dylan Mulvaney is a woman, you probably also would believe that Tony the Tiger – an obligate carnivore – would eat Frosted Flakes.”