Top Conservative Says An “Insider” Was Involved In Hacking Him

Matt Walsh, a contributor at the Daily Wire, confirmed on Wednesday that the hack into his Twitter account was more comprehensive than previously let on.

Many of Walsh’s followers noticed something was up when he suddenly began tweeting statements entirely out of character. Walsh says an unknown person acquired access to his phone and private internet files, but he has since restored control of both.

The hacker who infiltrated the Twitter account of right-wing broadcaster Matt Walsh last night insists he did not intend any damage in doing so.

He claims he did it to stir up trouble on social media platforms like Twitter. 

On Tuesday night, Walsh’s account was discovered to be compromised after a series of bizarre posts appeared. They included attacks on fellow conservative media personalities like Ben Shapiro of Daily Wire. The hacker, who uses the handle @Doomed, sent a tweet at Shapiro that suggested Walsh was saying Shapiro was a closeted homosexual and he hides behind his Jewishness.

Some tweets suggested that Joe Rogan is into pedophilia and that Walsh knew that Andrew Tate committed rape.

Doomed said “funny tweets” was the goal simply because Matt Walsh ‘triggers’ people.”

Walsh’s account was blocked a few hours after the hacking started, but not before one of his tweets said, “My Pronouns Are That/N***a.”

Doomed seems to have gained full access to Walsh’s emails after hacking his Google, Microsoft, and Twitter accounts.

Multiple screenshots were supplied as proof of the hack, including what seemed to be a copy of Walsh’s W2 tax form.

Emails from March 2014 between Walsh and conservative commentator Steven Crowder of the Louder with Crowder podcast were published.

Most emails sent back and forth between Walsh and Crowder are entirely harmless. 

After Crowder introduces himself, he and Walsh begin discussing the impending (but not yet actual) collapse of the cable news industry and the declining importance of talk radio.