Trump Drops Huge Hint About What’s Coming

( Donald Trump lashed out at the media for perpetuating the false notion that he is not putting significant effort into his campaign.

Trump mentioned that the election is a very long time from now, which is why the campaign rallies have not started yet.

Trump has promised there will be “many giant rallies” and other events” soon.

“Today, I will be giving a major political address at the Trump Doral in Miami. According to the Fake News, I am not campaigning as hard as I should be. In light of the fact that the Election is still quite a ways off, I believe they are both foolish and corrupt. But there is no need to be afraid because there will be MANY GIANT RALLIES and other events happening very soon. Everything is going to get really crazy and exciting. Our nation will be rescued from the brink of destruction, and we will MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN.”

Even though the media and RINOs have been working together to end Donald Trump’s political career, he is still the leading candidate for the Republican nomination.

Ford O’Connell, a strategist for the Republican Party, was quoted as saying that he believes “a lot of people” have been “too quick to write off Donald Trump,” including the media, contributors, and analysts.

He also mentioned that Trump’s support among Republican primary voters is at an all-time high.

Even if there are indications that some members of the Republican Party are ready to move on, Republicans are urging people not to write off former President Trump’s candidacy for the White House in 2024. They argue that he is still the presumed front-runner for the position.

“When you’re in Florida at these grassroots events, you hear ‘Ron DeSantis, Ron DeSantis,'” said Ford O’Connell, a Republican strategist. “Ron DeSantis, Ron DeSantis, Ron DeSantis.” “However, outside of Florida, Donald Trump is still the front-runner.”

“I think that many people, from the media to contributors to analysts, have been too ready to write off Donald Trump,” he added. “I think that this is a mistake.” “You must remember that he is a former President of the United States. He has a strong understanding of what needs to be done in Washington and enjoys a great deal of support from the grassroots.”