Trump’s Lawyer Laughs At CNN Star’s Claim Of Being Neutral

Trump attorney Alina Habba laughed out loud as CNN reporter Kaitlan Collins responded to Habba’s comments with “I would say I’m a neutral party in this” during an interview.

She said this with a straight face while anchoring a show on CNN, which could stand for Conservativism Never Network.

Collins interviewed Habba on several topics on Wednesday’s episode of CNN This Morning, including the mysterious letter that former President Trump’s staff addressed to Attorney General Merrick Garland requesting a meeting.

In response to the queries, Habba once said something that seemed to put Collins on the defensive. She said that Americans want to see people on different sides of a coin on the issues and be able to disagree.

Habba laughed when Collins made her comment about her objectivity.

A study by the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences 

shows that the Trump era was marked by a dramatic shift to the Left on the part of legacy media.

Researchers counted how often right and left-leaning pundits, activists, and politicians were featured on various networks. The analysis found that, for instance, CNN was to the right of MSNBC between 2011 and 2015, but that trend had reversed by the following year. 

Perhaps most notably, the analysis found that CNN and MSNBC tilted more Left in 2021 than at any point in the prior decade.

Fox News is considered a conservative outlet, and MSNBC leans to the left, but CNN pretended for a long time to be apolitical even though it has a liberal bias. Since then, its leftist tendencies have contributed to a general decline in public faith in the media. Most Americans don’t trust what they see on TV news.

Reporters on the left are fine with bias, but the public isn’t.

CNN and other leftist platforms have accepted their identities, and despite the laughter from Habba, conservatives are ready to stop pretending to be amused by this bias. 

Conservatives are even abandoning Fox News and seeking other trusted conservative sources after Rupert Murdoch fired Tucker Carlson for being too “controversial.”