Tucker Carlson Photo Shows He’s Up To Something

After deciding to shift his program to Twitter, Tucker Carlson reportedly took an ax to his home studio on Wednesday, presumably because his previous employer had left it in ruins.

After Fox News representatives demolished the remote broadcast facility at Carlson’s residence in Maine, Carlson and others are reconstructing the remote studio.

Carlson broadcasted his show from a converted barn on his property, but after Fox personnel stripped it of their equipment, Carlson completed the demolition with an ax before being rebuilt for his upcoming Twitter broadcasts.

Reportedly Fox took the entire set, including chairs, the fake walls, the desk, and everything not nailed down.

Despite being fired from his show in April, Carlson, under contract with Fox News until 2025, stated on May 9 that he would be moving his show to Twitter. Carlson feels that there aren’t many platforms that allow free speech, Twitter aside.

Although there may be methods to commercialize his show, Carlson seemed more interested in spreading his message than making money, according to Twitter founder and CEO Elon Musk.

Rather than buy him out and risk losing him to another network, it became evident in the weeks after his show was canceled that Fox News would be more than willing to let Carlson wait out his $8 million annual contract until it ended in 2025.

But can Fox News prevent him from giving his opinion for free on social media?

Reports have surfaced that Carlson is bringing people with him to his independent venture; last week, Variety stated that some Fox anchors had told Carlson they are eager to jump ship to whatever experience he launches when their contracts expire.

But would they be willing to relocate to Maine?

The locals love Tucker. One resident said that “nobody they know” who spends time with him dislikes him. According to another local, he is the most down-to-earth “celebrity” one could ever meet.

Rupert Murdoch, apparently, disagrees.