Ukraine Troops Are Training In The United States

( 19FortyFive reports that on Sunday, after U.S. government officials announced that Ukrainian soldiers would be trained in the United States to operate the Patriot missile defense systems destined for Ukraine, a broader set of training exercises for these personnel commenced.

Gen. Mark Milley, chairman of the US Joint Chiefs of Staff, said that the first day of training had begun with drills meant to increase the effectiveness of Ukrainian troops in combat with Russian forces.

Milley emphasized that the training was designed to prepare soldiers for large-scale warfare, presumably in preparation for a major Russian offensive in the spring.

Speaking from a U.S. military plane flying over Europe, Milley said the U.S. wants the Ukrainians to defend their country successfully. Ukraine is merely defending itself and attempting to free the Ukrainian territory controlled by Russia.

According to Milley, the training would last up to six weeks, and up to 500 soldiers will complete the course. The training exercises are expected to concentrate on combined-arms warfare, defined as combat with the use of artillery, combat vehicles, tanks, and other weapons that can maximize damage caused, in addition to how to use the advanced missile systems sent by European allies and the United States.

Ukraine’s military forces arrived on American soil on Sunday, according to a video shared online and on television. One video shows about 100 soldiers arriving by plane and then being driven by coach to Fort Sill, Oklahoma.

Volodymyr Zelenskyy, the president of Ukraine, was quoted as saying that the Patriot missile system “will make a huge impact in reinforcing Kyiv’s defenses against Russia.”

Conservative Republican state senator Nathan Dahm introduced a motion to stop the Ukrainian forces from conducting their training in Oklahoma before the scheduled exercise.

Dahm asserts that there is a chance that a missile could unintentionally fire onto Oklahoman soil in the resolution.

On January 11, Dahm said the current regime’s “America Last” policies should not be accepted in Oklahoma.

“We witnessed how the Ukrainian military launched a rocket into Poland, killing two unarmed civilians. We don’t need them practicing here in Oklahoma, where our residents might constantly be in danger of experiencing a failure similar to this,” said Dahm.