UN Official Warns Trans Activists Face Too Much Violence

Transgender people who advocate for the use of violence to achieve their goals have been called out by a United Nations Special Rapporteur, whose role is to monitor, promote, and raise awareness of a specific human right.

Reem Alsalem defends women who advocate for women-only sports competitions, restrooms, and women-only jails and warns trans activists not to harass or harm them.

Alsalem has said there is an increasing trend she’s been observing– that Western countries aren’t protecting the freedom of speech and thought when it comes to the issues of gender identity.

Several recent incidents have solidified long-held concerns about trans activist violence.

After giving a speech in April against the inclusion of female trans athletes in women’s sports, the outspoken 12-time NCAA champion swimmer Riley Gaines was reportedly attacked by a group of trans activists at San Francisco State University.

A man who says his name is Kayla Denker and blogs under the guise of a woman releases a video in which he repeatedly reloads an assault weapon while peering directly into the camera.

Three 9-year-old children and three adults were killed by a woman who said she was a guy at Nashville, Tennessee’s Covenant School in late March. The lady stormed into the school where she formerly studied, armed with three firearms, one of which was a semi-automatic rifle. The police inspected her house after the event and found two shotguns, one of which had been sawed off.

Author of “Fiery But Mostly Peaceful,” Julio Rosas, expressed concern that trans activists were becoming too close to extremist organizations, saying trans activists align with the far-left because of the anarcho-communist type ideology they share. Both groups feel America is systemically racist, and they oppress LGBT people.

The alliance is often called trANTIFA.

While leading a demonstration in California against the state’s policy of housing trans people in women’s prisons, people’s Declaration International president Kara Dansky was attacked.

Dansky states the trans activists who attacked her were men, which further infuriates the activists.