Whoopi Goldberg Slams Audience: “Do Not Boo”

On Monday, Republican presidential candidate Tim Scott appeared on ABC’s “The View” where he defended the Republicans battling against “woke” corporate culture, the Daily Caller reported.

When co-host Ana Navarro demanded to know if Scott believes that Republicans, particularly Florida Governor Ron DeSantis, have gone too far in the culture wars, Scott said he didn’t. He added that what has gone too far is radical leftists in corporations who “take stands” against decisions in states. As an example, he cited the way corporations responded to Georgia’s election laws in 2021.

Navarro demanded to know if Scott thought Disney is “radical left.”

Scott said he believes that Ron DeSantis “started off on the right foot” when he went after Disney on an issue related to “our young kids and what they’re being indoctrinated with.”

At this point, the studio audience began to boo, prompting co-host Whoopi Goldberg to lecture them, telling them not to boo. Whoopie claimed that on “The View,” they may not “believe everything people say,” but the guest should not be booed.

Scott continued, saying protecting children from the kind of indoctrination that is happening today “is an important part of the equation,” adding that the “radical left” is getting involved in a number of state issues. But Scott conceded that private businesses should have the right to speak freely.

Co-host Joy Behar, who last month accused Senator Scott and Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas of not understanding racism, was absent from Monday’s show.

Last weekend, while appearing at Iowa Senator Joni Ernst’s “Ride and Roast” fundraising event in DesMoines, Scott told the crowd that he would be appearing on “The View” so he could respond to the co-hosts directly over Behar’s attack on him and Justice Thomas.

He vowed to tell Behar that someone does not need to be “an exception to succeed in America.”

Perhaps that is the reason Behar was not there.