Woman’s Final Words Recorded Before Falling To Her Death

(TheLibertyRevolution.com)- The second fatality on the trail in the past two weeks included a 56-year-old Californian lady who died after falling to her death while attempting to ascend one of the most well-traveled mountain trails near Los Angeles.

Crystal Paula Gonzalez, a mother of four known as “the dancing hiking queen,” shot her final video for Facebook on Sunday. Paula frequently updated friends on her travels on Facebook.

“It’s go time! Lots of people out today,” she declared while donning a headlamp in the pitch-black hours before dawn.

According to the San Bernardino Sheriff’s Department, the California Office of Emergency Services called them after a Garmin emergency device warned them.

According to their incident report, Gonzalez was found “down on a steep and slippery hillside, surrounded by multiple helpful hikers assisting in every way they could,” after a helicopter was immediately dispatched.

Despite the medic on board the chopper, Gonzalez passed away from her injuries before she could be evacuated away from the site.

She released a video of the hazardous conditions four days before she died.

She wrote, “This is hazardous material!” With the hashtags #MountainLessons #Learning #DangerousTerrain #Bowltrail #Mountbaldy, she wrote: “Beware, hikers.”

Additionally, she shared a snowboarding video with the message, “Unfortunately, I had to turn around safety comes first.”

Gonzalez was recalled “for her fearless walks and daily dose of inspiration” on a GoFundMe page set up by her family.

More significantly, according to her daughter Jasmine Rosado, she was an incredible mother of four, a sister, and a friend to everyone she met.

“She is the epitome of beauty, love, and strength. She was always willing to lend a helping hand and was a beacon of light to everyone who knew her.”

Gonzalez wrote: “At 56, I hike, jog, run, and ride an MOUNTAIN bike enjoy the beautiful outdoors and I have 4 amazing children!” on her Instagram page, Hiker 4 Life. ENJOYING LIFE, LIVING IT, AND LOVING IT!”

She was the second person to die on the mountain that week. Jarret Choi, 43, of Los Angeles, fell on December 28 while hiking the Ice House Canyon trail close to the Ice House Saddle ridge line.

After a two-day search impeded by the bad weather, he was located.