Watch As Nancy Pelosi Gets Targeted By Crowd As She Speaks

It has been reported that former House Speaker Nancy Pelosi was heckled many times while giving a speech at a New York university on Monday night.

Rep. Pelosi (D-NY) was recently heckled at an event, with some people calling her things like  “sad old drunk” and “warmonger” before being removed from the venue by security.

Paul Krugman, an economist and New York Times contributor, recently spoke alongside the former Speaker of the House at New York’s City College.  Some of the protesters were rather hostile, yet some in the audience were seen smiling. 

A report shows protester number one questioned Pelosi’s stances on the Nordstream pipeline controversy and the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, claiming she had a pathological fixation with dragging America into war.

A report from Fox News indicates that the hecklers also voiced displeasure at the United States’ response to increasing hostility between Taiwan and China as well as Russia’s invasion of Ukraine.

Another heckler stepped up after the first one was taken by security to continue the verbal onslaught on Pelosi.

A protester labeled her as a war criminal and declared her foreign policies had resulted in the deaths of numerous civilians.

The second protester reportedly questioned Pelosi about her travel to Taiwan and participation in dismantling the Nordstream pipeline.

Pelosi remained quiet and composed during the interruption, waiting on security to expel each heckler before continuing with the scheduled event.

Fox News reported that a third protester joined in after the second was removed.

To show their unhappiness with Pelosi’s former leadership, the hecklers took turns confronting her directly. One person in the crowd yelled that the Democrats should have known the Dodd-Frank financial reform package wouldn’t work, and they should have opposed it.

Once the hecklers were quieted and order was restored, Krugman and Pelosi returned to their planned presentations.